This is an instance of recognizing a particular song I know and love in the background of this commercial :S

What do you think?



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LOVE. THIS SONG. SO MUCH. she is an amazing artist.

2 more days until Vows! Love this song and Kimbra c:

May Playlist

May playlist:

Settle Down - City and Colour (Dallas Green) Kimbra cover

live @ Enmore Theater

May 14th 2012

This is the sort of thing I missing because I’m not in Australia.


Kimbra is performing @ the same venue in two days.

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Kimbra is just ridiculously talented. Really looking forward to whatever else she has in store for us. I highly recommend buying her Settle Down EP.

This was recorded at SXSW 2012 outside the Spotify House.

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Love Kimbra!